Here are some testimonials of my skills and work from past clients and colleagues.

Photo Credit Jeff Caplan (http://www.blackantphotographic.com/about/)

A. Cook, painter – “In writing my artist biography, Al Gentile connected the dots of my experience in ways that I had not thought of before. It is not only a fresh perspective of my art process, but insightful because I believe that he brought his creativity as a writer and musician to intuit what I intended to express unconsciously, as well as what I wanted to express but had a difficult time expressing with words. I feel like he interpreted my thoughts into words, so the biography feels like my own words if I were able to write as well as Al. He is also willing to work with his clients to tailor his writing to their needs, although  the first draft was perfect. I highly recommend his writing services.”

K. Ringwold, real estate professional – Alex was great to work with, and he beat deadlines and produced quality work. I look forward to having him assist with future projects.”

A. Tanaka, designer – We are happy with Alex’s quality work, adherence to schedule, and constant communication to meet our needs. Alex is an overall high-merit copywriter.”

J. Sanna, newspaper professional – “With his demonstrated ability to juggle several important and complex responsibilities and his keen interest in investigating the “whys” of his beat, Al would make an excellent addition to any newsroom or creative writing position.”


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