The Week in Review

This has been an incredibly hectic week. but through my journey as a full-time freelancer I’m learning quickly to roll with the punches. Here’s what I’ve been working on: A four-piece  content package around a start-up’s new mobile and online platform (they have not launched yet. so no details can be given) Several pieces of […]

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Catching the Bug

I recently had a conversation with someone for whom I’m editing some of his fiction work, and we got to talking about alternative work circumstances. He is a doctoral candidate and part-time professor at the local university, and he went over the way his job works. Essentially he gets offered classes to teach each semester, […]

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Editorial Irresponsibility

Before you read on, a few things need to be made clear. This is not a post about defending Taylor Swift’s move to sue PopFront for defamation. It’s not a defense of stamping out criticism, or—more importantly—defending white nationalist groups for co-opting the lyrics of a pop icon. What this post is about—most importantly—is what I see […]

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Hitting a stride

Wednesdays usually suck. It’s the middle of the week, Friday can’t come soon enough, and you’re left with the cold realization that, after the weekend, Monday comes again. Yet, when you’re trying to build your own business or brand, it’s almost fatal to let these realizations slow you down. I’ve found one thing that keeps […]

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“Failure of Intuition”

Science fiction, especially in movies, often portrays heroes and villains. In fact, most all of humanity’s collective fiction uses some form of bi-moral model, pitting protagonists and antagonists against each other. And, though the case for which side should win not always defined (such as in the case of the “anti-hero”, for example) most all […]

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“Hello World,” Sofia said.

“Hello World.” That is usually the culmination of a programmer’s first lesson with many coding languages—in my limited experience with Python, for example. This is also the salutation revolutionary humanoid robot Sofia offered to humanity after first booting up and coming to the realization that she, though “born” that day, was an improved manifestation of […]

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Biography: Artist Anne Cook

Recently I was contacted by local Lowell, Massachusetts artist Anne Cook to write a biography showcasing her background, influences, and the philosophy behind her work. I was excited because, as a personal friend, I’m intimately familiar with the painting she does, especially with her iconic renderings of the city I love so much. Here is […]

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