Laughter – “Earworm” marketing?

I was on the subway in New York City a couple weeks ago, and came upon the above ad.

It took me a minute to understand the joke, but one thing that really stuck with me was how much this joke stuck with me.

While talking about topics connected to sexual performance can often be taboo, Roman—the company responsible for the ad—cleverly turns that taboo into a punchline. Far from something kept secret and hidden from view, they managed to make the uncomfortable funny.

This ad encompasses the fundamental elements of comedy—tragedy and timing. Timing in the sense of happening upon it when you enter the train, and tragedy in the sense of erectile dysfunction being such an uncomfortable topic. I can attest to the fact that I thought for days following about that ad, which is a true show of success.

As a copywriter, I can’t stress how much I admire this ad, and many others that incorporate comedy into the messaging. Whether or not I need the services being offered, an advertisement has stepped out of the realm of selling something to making a statement, and a hilarious one at that.

In all, comedy in advertising is starting to make a major impact. As copywriters find new ways to engage audiences, comedy is increasingly becoming a more popular approach. Much like content marketing, comedic messaging is an incredibly effective way of making your brand linger in the minds of your customers, potential and otherwise.

Do you know any other advertisements that made you laugh? Contact me and let me know about them!

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