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The Brush Art Gallery & Studios

Below is a donations appeal letter I crafted for The Brush Art Gallery & Studios, a non-profit art gallery located in the heart of historic Lowell, Massachusetts. I have also included a link to a Word file of the letter here.

Dear Friend of the Brush Art Gallery and Studios,

The Brush is an organization that celebrates creativity. Through the arts we discover more about ourselves and the community in which we live. This, we believe, makes us stronger.

Our work continues to impact the community through partnerships with the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Megan’s House, and the Recreational Adult Resource Association, among many others. We are proud to say our work has touched the lives of veterans, people living with disabilities, women facing addiction, and students studying art, all while keeping the city’s artistic legacy free for the public.

The following is a quote from Brush studio artist Chrissy Theo Hungate, “Sharing the joy of art with the young women of Megan’s House is like a dream come true for me. Through the Brush program, I’m able to plant seeds and concepts that establish creativity as an important outlet for class members as they move ahead in their lives.”

To continue that work—and to find more innovative ways to strengthen our community through art—we are calling on you, a friend of the Brush Art Gallery and Studios, to help.

Donate today to be a part of the Brush’s history, foster the goodness that artistic endeavor brings to a community, and directly impact the lives of those around you. You can also choose how your tax deductible donation will be used.

Highlights from 2017 include the “Contemporary Visions of Greece’s Golden Age” exhibition (in collaboration with the Hellenic Culture and Heritage Society), and the “Honoring our Veterans” exhibition, in collaboration with Ironstone Farm.

So please, consider donating to the Brush’s mission to support the arts and Lowell’s continued legacy. Come by sometime to see how we make art make a difference. From our Brush artists, the board of directors, and your community—thank you.


James Dyment,                                                          Michael H. Lally,

Executive Director    President, Board of Directors

The Brush Art Gallery and Studios is located in the Lowell National Historical Park across from the Visitor Center, founded by the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission, U.S. Department of the Interior. We present museum-quality exhibitions, educational programs, and have collaborated with many other nonprofit groups. Artists occupy studio spaces to interact with and educate the public on an ongoing basis. Eleven studio artists produce paintings, illustrations, photography, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, quilts, and handwoven items. Through the Associate Artist Program, an additional twenty-six artists exhibit their work. The Brush Art Gallery and Studios is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. The Brush is supported by the Lowell National Historical Park and Eastern National.

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