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Hitting a stride

Wednesdays usually suck. It’s the middle of the week, Friday can’t come soon enough, and you’re left with the cold realization that, after the weekend, Monday comes again.

Yet, when you’re trying to build your own business or brand, it’s almost fatal to let these realizations slow you down. I’ve found one thing that keeps me going consistently through the week, and it doesn’t involve whiskey, exercise, or getting depressed from encroaching bills.


That’s it. Reflecting on what has come ahead, on the work you’ve done, and the work you are soon needing to take on. For me, I thought today about the new opportunities laid on me, and the fact that, from the beginning of the week to now, my workload has increased two-fold. Now, instead of feeling those “hump day” blues, I’m motivated to move forward and beyond.

Wednesday today is all about hitting your stride.

Cheers to Wednesday! How do you keeping yourself thinking “I got this”?

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