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Swimming to the Pier

Ever since striking it out on my own (albeit a recent development), I have started to consider investments in myself as more important than ever before.

While having a regular job, I thought often that I’d made it to where I wanted to go, and that putting any more effort into bettering myself would be wasted energy. I would think “Keep that energy where it needs to be—where you already are.”

Yet, now that I am out in the world trying to prove myself again, I’ve developed an insatiable need to dive even deeper into the skill of writing, altogether for narrative, journalism, and copywriting.

I can liken this new inspiration to swimming. I’m seeing the pier in the distance, and practicing my endurance. I want to get there faster, so I’m studying up on the different strokes I can use to increase speed and distance. I don’t just want to get there—I want to win.

It reminds me of being in college and trying to find my way. As a budding journalist, I started look at all the reportage I’d read up to that point with a different perspective. What makes good writing? What makes bad writing? How has this assemblage of words affected me?

Now, with my success on the line, I’m realizing there is still so much I have to learn. It’s at once inspiring, empowering, and humbling; a feeling I haven’t experienced in a long while.

So here’s to always learning, always striving, and looking for the inspiration waiting in every day. Happy Thursday!

How do you get inspired? Leave a comment and let me know.

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