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430 Words on Morning Meditation

Ten minutes. In the morning, and at night. Are you able to set aside ten short minutes for something that will change the course of your day?

I’m not really a routine-oriented person. One of the most important elements I look for in employment is being ever-changing, more of a flow than a cycle. But, one thing I do try to stick to each day is daily meditation practice.

It comes in two parts, and by no means am I perfect at completing my morning and night sessions, but when I do the rewards are incredible.

The best thing is, anybody can do it. Here’s how I approach morning meditation.

Before doing anything else

  1. Breathing – My typical practice is to stretch the arms behind me, and as I breath in raise them both up, pushing toward the sky. Then, as I breath out, I let my arms drop behind me. I repeat three times. The real important part of this is stretching while breathing, for a set amount of times.
  2. Cooling Off – Most people I believe worry too much about what they have to do for the day ahead. I think it’s incredibly important to stay away from this mindset for a short minute. As you continue to breath, try and push out thoughts of your intentions for the day.
  3. Envision – Here’s where the real magic happens. One element of transcendental meditation (from which I incorporate some elements, but do not practice by the book) is envisioning myself in a different place, or as a different person, or as someone who has accomplished something. For instance, I often repeat a mantra in my mind saying over and over again “I am a writer”. This is a great way to overcome confidence issues, especially in my experience as a creative person. You can either use a mantra, visually imagine yourself where or how you want to be, or conceptualize the feeling of completing everything you needed to do throughout the day.

The interesting part about all this is, you will often move forward unconsciously toward the goal you wish to set for yourself. It’s easy to think about it like setting aim—if you are a rocket, it’s much more effective to set yourself up before launch, than to find your way throughout the day.

Morning meditation is a lot like that, in that you’ve adjusted your mindset to completion, resolution, and confidence as opposed to conflict, striving, and a position of lacking.

Tomorrow I will post my nightly meditation practice. Do you have a daily meditation practice? Share it below!

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