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So many ideas

My father was always the budding entrepreneur. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, he ran his own artist management business, booking clubs with musical entertainment around the Boston area.

From there, he became a salesman at a regular-guy job, but the particular ping of entrepreneurial spirit never left him. He went on to try and revive his management business (failed), create a computer-training business (Computer Tutor), and even tried to get myself and siblings to start a family band (*laughs*).

I think I was born with this bug. As a young kid, I wanted to find ways to afford the shoes I was looking for, so I looked for odd-jobs around my neighborhood. Unfortunately, my ability to promote myself was not up to snuff.

In adulthood, I have always been employed in some way. Yet, the idea of building a business, even a side-gig, was and still is something that feels missing in my life.

Currently, I freelance for The Rainbow Times. It’s a great opportunity to put myself out there in another market and to explore a world for which I am still learning much (LGBTQ issues).

I also teach guitar, but that remains to be something which is more a profit-generator and less a fun use of my time.

While I’m still trying to build an audience on WordPress, I am always looking for freelance work. But, I still think of the chances of building something I can do on my own time.

What about crafty things? I’ve never worked in actually creating a physical object that can be sold, but with the success of things like Etsy and Ebay retailers, that entrepreneurial spark is starting to ignite.

Here are a couple ideas I have thought about:

  • Beer Bottle Glasses – With just some yarn, nail polish remover, and a good amount of patience, I’ve seen people make drinking glasses out of beer bottles. I’ve already started to collect them, in hopes someday soon of making my first batch.
  • Reselling – I’ve considered my love of Magic The Gathering Cards, and wondered if there was something I could resell. I’ve long thought it a possibility to go to thrift stores and find things to resell.
  • Contracting – Content writing, social media, copywriting, and freelance reporting are all things I can do, but I wonder about how to promote myself better with this.

Have you any experience with side gigs? Have some advice for me? Leave a comment!

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