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Mondays, and how to cope

Today is Monday, the beginning of most work weeks throughout the globe. It’s what we all look forward to on Sunday (begrudgingly) and the way we all consider all other days at least marginally better.

For myself, it is a day to look ahead to the rest of the week. This is the day I usually complete a to-do list, and plan future lists. I set my course, and set sail.

I implore everybody reading this to consider what the significance of Mondays truly are:

  • It is the day to consider weekly goals
  • You can think about what is truly important to complete, and organize tasks based on importance
  • It presents the greatest challenge for those working on a weekly schedule: if you can get over this, the rest of the week is cake

Here’s what I do to place some much-needed value on Mondays.

  1. Get up early – This will give you time to think about the day and find what to get motivated about.
  2. Reflect – What is important about this week, what do you have to look forward to, and how can your efforts this week make next week (or just next Monday) easier to tackle?
  3. Meditate – Just being still and breathing for a few minutes will break the frantic worry that accompanies many Mondays for many people.
  4. Get a good start – Get that breakfast we all usually skip.

Happy Monday! How do you make Mondays more bearable? Also, here is a pickup, courtesy of The Bangles:

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