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That chilly, dirty feeling

83 weapons, almost 10,000 rounds, a nazi helmet, all recovered from Robert Ivarson’s home in Lexington.

Before today, I had never seen more than one firearm in a room at once.

While covering a district attorney press conference in the town I report for, 83 weapons, almost 10,000 rounds of ammunition, and 50 pounds of gun powder sat in a 20 x 30 foot evidence room, news cameras flashing and television reporters spitting out questions.

You can read the story I wrote on the matter here. If not, here’s a bit of background.

Robert Ivarson, a Lexington resident, was arrested New Year’s Eve for throwing banana peels onto the property of an African-American family for months during 2016. After he was arrested, LexingtonvPolice searched his home for more evidence to pursue a hatecrime case. In that search, they found they needed another warrant because there was evidence of firearms. 

Among the spoils: a Nazi helmet. This really drove it home for me, and truly underlines, in my eyes, the dangerousness of this man. The questions that came sputtering in my head were:

  1. What is his agenda?
  2. Is he a neo-Nazi?
  3. Was he imminently getting ready to hurt someone, or many people? This is the kind of arsenal that makes the worried mind drift into

It was tragically coincidental this was the same day of the airport shooting in Ft. Lauderdale.

For me, it was a real insightful look into the potentially dangerous madness that can be anywhere. The Boston Globe reported Ivarson’s parents were literally afraid of him, and he was charged, among other things, for being a “career criminal” (in Massachusetts, this requires at least two previous violent offenses).

There was a haunting presence in this stuff. Some have already called foul on the taking of these weapons, but I ask what could a cache of this size possibly be used for?

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment and share!



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