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First day

Today marks my first day of employment at Malden Public Access Television as the Citizen Journalism coordinator. It’s never too long before I start something new, but for some reason this feels special.

Those new job jitters are their own special kind of high, but meeting the volunteer journalists I am working with, and the look in thier eye when something just goes off in their head, makes me bite my knuckles.

Everyone seems to be a lifer in this place. The walls, decorated with decades of memorabilia from ages past, has a story my direct boss could probably tell. 

Though I am a journalist at The Lexington Minuteman, I feel a different mission at MATV warms the air. During my first interview, I was invited to a Malden-centric reimagining of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” by the executive director, who stars in the film. Several people said they were volunteers years ago, eventually turning into employees, and bringing that up as if it was the natural state of things. 

It’s a family with a mission, it seems, to just create media for its own sake (if that makes sense). And while I’ll be editing content, tracking website traffic, and teaching a Journalism 101 class, there’s so much I’ll be learning about video production and so much more. 

Can you tell I’m pumped?

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