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Keith Ellison: a reactionary choice?

With POLITICO reporting Minnesota representative Keith Ellison garnering the endorsements of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among others as a future chair of the Democratic National Committee, it seems another sign the Democratic Party is reeling further left from their choice of Hillary Clinton.

Quickly researching Ballotpedia, it seems Ellison is incredibly left-leaning. With recent half-hearted announcements Sanders did not “rule out” running again for president in the next election cycle, I would imagine Ellison would serve this purpose better than democrats wishing for more radical left policies under now-disgraced former chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Ellison also endorsed Sanders for president, so I am pretty sure we are being set up for a hyper-leftist Democratic Party in the near future, one far more supportive of a deeply progressive agenda.

Interestingly enough, Sanders called for Schultz’s resignation.

Ellison is also the first Muslim ever elected to Congress. Putting someone of the Muslim faith in this kind of power I think enforces the progressive attitude a lot of democrats are sure to take amid a conservative-controlled Congress.

Yet, this will most likely draw some fire from conservatives. I have thoughts this will be a contentious issue among conservatives.

Ellison also filed for legal separation from his wife in 2010, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Though I don’t personally believe this to be an issue, I am sure it will come up down the road.

For people who enjoy good social disorder, Ellison  was arrested in Washington, D.C. in 2013 during an immigration reform rally.

Yet, there is a lot of talk about a possible inability to serve as both a House Representative and chair of the DNC, as reported by POLITICO. Schultz also served as a house representative in Florida, and was thrown fire for using the two positions for political gains.

All in all, a couple of reasons I think this is a good choice, and a couple of bad reasons I think this is a bad choice. What are your thoughts?




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