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#rapemelania: Seriously?

Today I saw on Twitter trending “#RapeMelania”.

In a couple conversations with people over the past week, I’ve heard people classify all Trump voters as sexist and racist in the most generalized of terms. Yet, we have people who voted for a female president, holding a sign about raping a woman, when they voted for… a… female…. president?

Though still incorrigible, I think this “trumps” anti-Hillary hate rhetoric. This is taking someone who did not run for office and essentially threatening her with a vicious sexual attack.

I am thankful the reason this is trending on Twitter is from people speaking out.

Also, please note it is people from both sides of the political divide coming together.

….. and this.

Though I understand completely there is much, much more both sides disagree on, is it not interesting how Trump supporters, which so many liberals say are “a big, sexist basket of deplorables” (sorry) are calling out against this?

Just to ensure I’m covering both sides as best I can, here’s one from what I am hopefully correctly identifying as a Clinton voter……

Also this, sorry for my “libtard” friends and enemies….

When I see things like this, I pull my hair out. It goes to show how many people use what is fed to them on the media to find out about the opposing side.

I suggest to everyone literally everywhere to follow the journalistic process as closely as possible when thinking about politics.

1.) Talk to people, not the people that hate those people.

2.) Know ALWAYS that generalizations, especially when talking about tens of millions of people, are so wrong. Bad media consumer!

3.) Never assume you have the full story.

This election has turned everyone’s emotions on full-blast, completely understandable. Yet, I see this and believe it revealing of the liberal left.

Just to shed some light…

As of the time of this posting, 7:00 p.m. on November 13, Clinton’s official Twitter account has nothing to say on this matter. Check it out, @HillaryClinton.

Neither does Barack Obama’s twitter account. Or Joe Biden. Or Bernie Sanders.

Or… Donald Trump.

All these important, powerful people, who most obviously have a full social media team behind them, do not make any mention of this, as far as I can tell (do you have a link anywhere? Please share).

Is that because speaking out against sexism is politically fragile? Why would Clinton not come out and say something about this? She does have to make up for not having a concession speak, after all.

In the end, this is strange, sad, unexplainable, inexcusable, and downright dirty. I give props to Twitter users who have made this a huge trending topic. All you guys at the top, you’ve lost a few points in my book.

2 Responses to “#rapemelania: Seriously?”

  1. Kathleen

    I agree it’s reprehensible. What’s interesting is the number of people on both sides who don’t seem to understand how trending topics on Twitter work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mypicturebooklife

      All very true. I would be curious to see other types of hashtags with different political/moral angles and see if people have the same reaction.



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